"No excuses realize destiny"



The YEP students have all come up with ideas to sell new merch called Embrace Your NERD. This is a design they came up with on a regular T-shirt! 

You can choose the color from blue, black, and grey, and we also have the EYN wrist band that will much with EYN T-shirts! 



What Design team had to say 

We design logos for N.E.R.D, Nerd is the opposite of what you expect. nerd stands for (no excuses realize destiny). We are trying to show students that being a Nerd is something that should be embraced teaching them how to build and create a logo that can show how you should show the Nerd within all of us. Are you ready to embrace?




NERD BRAND white.jpg

What Marketing had to say


What N.E.R.D. means to me(Jazmine) is a person with a big heart and a person who show their self to the world. What N.E.R.D means to me(Cameron) is letting your inner emotions out and realizing your self. What N.E.R.D means to me(DD) is a person showing who they really are showing people their real self. What N.E.R.D means to me(Jonathan) is expressing yourself to the world. What N.E.R.D means to me(Ashanti) is showing the haters who you really are like your true self.

Leadership Development 


We provide training for students emotional, personal and professional well being to develop well rounded students that practice self care and powerful leaders.






We provide students with paid and unpaid internships teach them how to operate in a real-world work environment while learning how to meet deadlines. 



Voice Yourself 

We provide outlets for students to let their voice be heard as we discuss topics that they face every day and gain insight from their perspective to allow outlets to find solutions, gain understanding and hear their voice.


NERD BRAND white.jpg